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Priyank Sharma, MD

Priyank Sharma, MD is a physician with a special interest in nutrition, preventative health, metabolic health, longevity, dermatology, the human microbiome, mental health, and autoimmune disorders. Dr. Sharma graduated Summa Cum Laude with degrees in biomedical engineering and psychology from the University of Southern California, received his medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and completed internal medicine training at Case Western Reserve – University Hospitals in Cleveland.

Dr. Sharma is a licensed physician and currently sees patients for alcohol use disorder vs. telemedicine. In addition to his clinical experience, he has been the Chief Operating Officer of a nutrition company, a cardiology practice, and has helped many companies and healthcare institutions optimize their clinical operations and workflows through his consultancy, Laminar Health LLC, most notably Philips North America. He currently helps healthcare technology companies to help them optimize healthcare workflows by building better technologies that support clinical workflows.