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Prescription Only
Nurtec ODT is a medication that can be placed under or onto the tongue to treat migraine symptoms in adults. When taken every other day, it can also be used to prevent episodic...
Prescription Only
Ubrelvy is a medication that adults can use to treat acute migraine attacks. It works by blocking CGRP, a protein believed to contribute to migraine attacks by causing pain, blood...
Dosage & Administration
Oral . Learn more.
Oral. Learn more.
Acute treatment of migraine: 75 mg as needed. Preventive treatment of episodic migraine: 75 mg every other day. Maximum daily dose: 75 mg.. Learn more.
50 mg or 100 mg as needed. Maximum daily dose: 200 mg. Severe Hepatic or Severe Renal Impairment: 50 mg.. Learn more.
Latin Shorthand
Acute treatment of Migraine: 75 mg PRN. Preventive treatment of Episodic Migraine: 75 mg qod.. Learn more.
50 mg PRN or 100 mg PRN. Severe Renal Impairment: 50mg.. Learn more.
Adverse Reactions
Acute treatment of migraine: the adverse reaction reported in ≥ 1% of patients treated with NURTEC ODT is nausea. Preventive treatment of episodic migraine: adverse reactions reported in ≥ 2% for rimegepant and ≥ 1% higher than placebo are nausea and abdominal pain/dyspepsia.. Learn more.
The most common adverse reactions (at least 2% and greater than placebo) were nausea and somnolence.. Learn more.
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Maximum savings of $50 per pill for up to 13 prescription fills.. Learn more.
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13 prescription fills. Learn more.
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