(immunoglobulin G)
100 ML immunoglobulin G, human 50 MG/ML Injection [Octagam]20 ML immunoglobulin G, human 50 MG/ML Injection [Octagam]
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Dosage & administration

Intravenous use only .

IndicationDoseInitial Infusion rateMaintenance infusion rate (if tolerated)
PI300-600 mg/kgEvery 3-4 weeks0.5 mg/kg/min 3.33 mg/kg/min

Ensure that patients with pre-existing renal insufficiency are not volume depleted; discontinue Octagam 5% liquid if renal function deteriorates .

For patients at risk of renal dysfunction or thrombotic events, administer Octagam 5% liquid at the minimum infusion rate practicable .

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Octagam FAQs

How is the dosage of Octagam?Octagam is available in 5 dosages, including 50 mg/ml Injection 100 ml, 50 mg/ml Injection 20 ml, 50 mg/ml Injection 200 ml, 50 mg/ml Injection 50 ml and 50 mg/ml Injection 500 ml
What does Octagam treat?Octagam treats Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes
What is Octagam made of?Octagam contains immunoglobulin G which is a Human Immunoglobulin G
How Is Octagam Administered?Octagam is administered as a Injectable
What Are The Octagam Mechanism Of Action?Octagam mechanism of action is Antigen Neutralization
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