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          • Mission Minded
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          Our Culture

          At PrescriberPoint, we champion a culture built on the principles of innovation, perseverance, and inclusivity. We firmly believe in tackling challenges head-on, leveraging our creativity and resourcefulness to surmount obstacles and deliver impactful solutions. 

          Our commitment to this ethos extends to every facet of our operations as we strive to create value not only for healthcare professionals, customers, and patients but also for each individual within our diverse community.

          Central to our philosophy is the recognition and celebration of authenticity. We foster an environment where every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and every individual is encouraged to bring their true selves to the table. By embracing this richness, of experiences, thoughts, and identities, we foster a culture of openness, respect, and collaboration that drives our collective success. We aren’t just shaping the future of healthcare; we are forging a community where authenticity thrives, innovation flourishes, and trust endures.

          Think Solutions, Not Barriers.

          CORE VALUE

          Bring and Honor Authenticity.

          CORE VALUE

          Act with Integrity and Earn Trust.

          CORE VALUE
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          • Fun.

          • Challenging.

          • Friendly.

          • Engaging.

          • Rewarding.

          • Collaborative.

          • Supportive.

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          OUR MOTTO

          Deliver the best HCP experience, period.


          Join us. Be you.

          There is no “typical” PrescriberPoint Colleague. In fact, we’re pretty atypical, across the board. Kinda’ “random”, not a lot of big names on resumes. and crazy career paths… Lots of very cool stories. We see strength in idiosyncrasy. We see value in overcoming. We admire authenticity. It’s all these elements coming together that make our unique culture thrive.

          Perks & Benefits

          We offer strong benefits for a firm at our stage including high-quality health and dental coverage, short and long-term disability and life insurance, a 401(k), 11 holidays and an Open Time Off Policy we implore you to use. Perhaps the best benefit however, is working and growing with truly amazing and accomplished Colleagues in trying to dent a huge universe. 

          We also are big believers in Pay Transparency. We will provide salary ranges regardless of state mandates. Please review specific openings for details. 


          What our Colleagues are saying

          “I'm proud to contribute to a company revolutionizing healthcare delivery & positively impacting patient outcomes."

          As Head of Product Engineering at PrescriberPoint since October 2022, I've been impressed by our platform's flexibility in adopting the best technology for our solutions. Our culture fosters continuous improvement and teamwork and I'm proud to contribute to a company revolutionizing healthcare delivery and positively impacting patient outcomes.

          John H.

          Head of Product Engineering

          “The vetting/interview process was three stages - all completed within a few weeks.”

          Compared to the majority of interviews I've experienced, the Prescriber Point hiring process was the most engaging, honest and timely. Within days after applying, HR reached out to schedule an informal chat that was surprisingly fun and set the tone for what the organization does, needs, and stands for. The most impressive feature of PrescriberPoint's process is their effort to create a mutual relationship based on inclusivity and open communication.

          Zena N.

          Project Manager,
Research and Development


          “What sets this company apart is its unwavering commitment to innovation, integrity, and a growth mindset.”

          Joining PrescriberPoint has been an enriching journey both personally and professionally. From day one, I've been surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals who are on a gratifying and necessary mission. It's inspiring to work alongside individuals who are passionate about making a difference, both within the company and in the wider community.

          Shawn M.

          Director, Customer Success

          Shawn M.

          “My time at PrescriberPoint has been very fulfilling, characterized by an environment that champions flexibility, transparency, and growth.”

          The company's embrace of remote work not only empowers me to strike an ideal balance between my professional and personal life but also cultivates a trust and independence that stands out in the corporate world. Every team member's perspective is valued, fostering a culture where decisions stem from widespread collaboration.

          Mariah M.

          Digital Associate, Marketing 

          Mariah M.

          “That’s one of the things I like most: the people.”

          From my first day at PrescriberPoint, I was welcomed with respect, even from people in departments I was not going to be working with often. That’s one of the things I like most: the people. We work as a team and when the day gets hectic, we pull together. We can always count on each other when we face challenges and to celebrate our wins. Additionally, leadership has done an amazing job of understanding our individual needs, from training to work-life balance.

          John Z.

          Sales and Business Development Executive, Oncology

          John Z.

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