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Pharma services

Does Infusion Solutions Inc. work closely with Rinvoq and AbbVie Inc.?

Yes, Infusion Solutions Inc. does work with Rinvoq and offers some of the services below: Monitoring for potential drug interactions.
Patient services

Does Infusion Solutions Inc. offer services for Rinvoq patients?

Indeed, Infusion Solutions Inc. offers the following services for Rinvoq patients:Counseling and education, 24x7 pharmacist support, Billing support, In home (or alternative site) teaching.

What conditions does Infusion Solutions Inc. support?

Infusion Solutions Inc. supports the following conditions:Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Insurance support

How does Infusion Solutions Inc. help with insurance?

Infusion Solutions Inc. can help with insurance in the following ways:Medication profile set-up and drug utilization review; Development and implementation of pharmaceutical care plans; Recommendation of dosage or therapy changes based on clinical findings; Clinical pharmacy assessment and monitoring; Monitoring for potential drug interactions.