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Pharma services

Does Life Specialty Solutions work closely with Rinvoq and AbbVie Inc.?

Yes, Life Specialty Solutions does work with Rinvoq and offers some of the services below: Work with payors and pharmaceutical manufacturers so patients can access the treatments they require, Proprietary pharmacy software platform that connects seamlessly and securely with leading pharmacy management systems.
Patient services

Does Life Specialty Solutions offer services for Rinvoq patients?

Indeed, Life Specialty Solutions offers the following services for Rinvoq patients:Counseling and education, Infusion suites.

What conditions does Life Specialty Solutions support?

Life Specialty Solutions supports the following conditions:Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Insurance support

How does Life Specialty Solutions help with insurance?

Life Specialty Solutions can help with insurance in the following ways:Answer questions; explain how medication works; and talk through any risks; potential side effects and desired outcomes.