10 ML ipilimumab 5 MG/ML Injection [Yervoy]40 ML ipilimumab 5 MG/ML Injection [Yervoy]

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Yervoy retails for $899 per dose without insurance or financial assistance.Depending on your patient's insurance situation and other eligibility criteria, they may be able to get Yervoy for significantly less. Review the program information below to determine what program can offer your patient the most benefits.
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  • $899 for mL
  • Program Expires Calendar Year
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How is the dosage of Yervoy?Yervoy is available in 2 dosages, including 5 mg/ml Injection 10 ml and 5 mg/ml Injection 40 ml
What does Yervoy treat?Yervoy treats Melanoma
What is Yervoy made of?Yervoy contains ipilimumab which is a CTLA-4-directed Blocking Antibody
How Is Yervoy Administered?Yervoy is administered as a Injectable
What Are The Yervoy Mechanism Of Action?Yervoy mechanism of action is CTLA-4-directed Antibody Interactions
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