cetirizine 2.4 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Zerviate]

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The recommended dose is one drop in each affected eye twice daily. ( 2)

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Zerviate FAQs

How is the dosage of Zerviate?Zerviate is available in 1 dosages, including 0.24% Sol
What does Zerviate treat?Zerviate treats Perennial Allergic Rhinitis and Urticaria
What is Zerviate made of?Zerviate contains cetirizine which is a Histamine-1 Receptor Antagonist
How Is Zerviate Administered?Zerviate is administered as a Ophthalmic
What Are The Zerviate Mechanism Of Action?Zerviate mechanism of action is Histamine H1 Receptor Antagonists
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