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Tremfya® Alternatives

Prescription Only
Tremfya, an interleukin inhibitor, is indicated for the treatment of plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis in adults. Patients can learn to self-administer Tremfya...
Prescription Only
Stelara is an immunosuppressant medication that targets two inflammatory cytokines, IL-12 and IL-23, which are key contributors to chronic inflammation. For Crohn's disease and...
Dosage & Administration
Subcutaneous injection. Learn more.
Intravenous Infusion or Subcutaneous Injection . Learn more.
100 mg at Week 0, Week 4, and every 8 weeks thereafter. Learn more.
Single intravenous infusion using weight-based dosing: Recommended Dosage up to 55 kg: 260 mg. > 55 kg to 85 kg: 390 mg. > 85 kg: 520 mg. Maintenance dosing: SubQ 90 mg dose 8 weeks after the initial intravenous dose, then every 8 weeks thereafter.. Learn more.
Latin Shorthand
100 mg Week 0, 4, q8w. Learn more.
Single IV infusion w/ weight-based dosing: Up to 55 kg: 260mg 55 to 85 kg: 390mg 85 kg: 520mg. Maintenance dosing: SubQ 90mg 8 wks after initial IV dose, then q8wks thereafter.. Learn more.
Adverse Reactions
Most common (≥1%) adverse reactions associated with TREMFYA include upper respiratory infections, headache, injection site reactions, arthralgia, bronchitis, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, tinea infections, and herpes simplex infections. . Learn more.
Most common adverse reactions are: • Psoriasis (≥3%): nasopharyngitis, upper respiratory tract infection, headache, and fatigue. • Crohn’s Disease, induction (≥3%): vomiting. • Crohn’s Disease, maintenance (≥3%): nasopharyngitis, injection site erythema, vulvovaginal candidiasis/mycotic infection, bronchitis, pruritus, urinary tract infection, and sinusitis. • Ulcerative colitis, induction (≥3%): nasopharyngitis • Ulcerative colitis, maintenance (≥3%): nasopharyngitis, headache, abdominal pain, influenza, fever, diarrhea, sinusitis, fatigue, and nausea . Learn more.
Financial Assistance
Out-Of-Pocket Costs With Copay Card
Annual Cap
$6,000. Learn more.
Assistance Expiration
End of each calendar year (subject to change or end without notice). Learn more.
End of each calendar year (subject to change or discontinuation without notice). Learn more.
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No lower-cost generic available