Comprehensive Guide to Doptelet Patient Assistance

Shannon E. Epling MSc, Pharmaceutical Sciences Date: 06/15/2024

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Doptelet® Patient Assistance Programs at PrescriberPoint

In a 2021 survey, it was found that pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. spend over five billion dollars annually on financial assistance and patient support programs. Despite this significant investment, only about 3% of patients take advantage of these resources. The primary contributing factor seems to be the lack of awareness among patients, with more than 72% of patients stating limited familiarity with patient support programs.

PrescriberPoint provides healthcare providers like yourself with access to a comprehensive suite of patient assistance and education resources. Our primary goal is to enhance the accessibility of these programs, thereby promoting patient awareness and fostering medication adherence. 

In this article, we will provide you with a digital map to uncover the support programs for Doptelet® (avatrombopag), a medication used to to treat low blood platelet counts in adults with chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), which include patient savings programs, patient education, and prior authorization support.

Here are some of the resources available to you:

Patient Savings Programs:

PrescriberPoint provides access to financial assistance programs aimed at reducing out-of-pocket costs associated with Doptelet® for eligible patients. As a healthcare provider, you can access information about these programs and refer your patients to help alleviate financial obstacles that may impede medication adherence.

Patients prescribed Doptelet have access to financial assistance programs, including the Doptelet Copay Assistance Program. PrescriberPoint can provide enrollment forms for both programs, allowing patients to unlock savings while taking Doptelet®.

Doptelet Copay Assistance Program

Doptelet Copay Assistance Program is available to provide financial support to eligible patients who are prescribed Doptelet®. Through the program, eligible patients gain access to various financial assistance options aimed at reducing the financial burden associated with Doptelet®. By offering financial support towards co-pays, the program aims to make Doptelet more affordable and accessible for qualified patients.

Doptelet Copay Assistance Program is for eligible patients who have commercial prescription insurance. Qualified patients may pay as little as $0 per prescription, up to a maximum of $15,000 per calendar year.  To enroll your patient in the Doptelet® with Me Program, fill out this form.

Doptelet Free Trial

If your patient doesn't want to financially commit to Doptelet before they know whether it’s a good fit, there is a free trial period through Doptelet Connect that will provide eligible new patients with a free 15-day supply of Doptelet. You can find the prescription and enrollment form here.

Patient Education

At PrescriberPoint, we offer an extensive range of patient-centered educational resources, aimed at enhancing patient’s knowledge and comprehension of their condition and the role of Doptelet® in its management. Materials provided by PrescriberPoint include external links to instructions for use, doctor’s discussion guides, and more.

As a healthcare provider, you can leverage these resources to educate your patients about their treatment options. These resources cover essential topics such as proper administration techniques for Doptelet®, effective management of potential side effects, and strategies for maintaining overall health while undergoing treatment. By utilizing these educational materials, you can provide your patients with the information they need to make informed decisions and actively participate in their own care journey.

Click here to unlock patient education resources.

Prior Authorization Support

PrescriberPoint understands the challenges healthcare providers face when navigating the prior authorization process. That's why we offer comprehensive assistance to streamline this often complex and time-consuming procedure. By utilizing our prior authorization support services, you can optimize the process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring your patients have timely access to the medication they require, such as Doptelet®. To facilitate this process further, we provide easy access to Prior Authorization documents for the most commonly encountered insurances. By clicking here, you can swiftly access the necessary forms and documentation, saving you valuable time and ensuring a smoother authorization process for your patients.


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