Introducing PrescriberAI: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Lightning-Fast Prescribing Resources Retrieval

PrescriberPoint Team Date: 12/15/2023

Boston, MA, 12/1/2023 — Today marks a pivotal moment in the healthcare industry as PrescriberPoint unveils PrescriberAI, a groundbreaking AI-powered assistant designed to empower healthcare providers with rapid access to critical prescription information. PrescriberAI is poised to transform the way physicians and their staff access drug-related details, streamlining the prescription process and enhancing patient care.

PrescriberAI stands at the forefront of medical innovation by offering an unparalleled solution for healthcare professionals to swiftly search and retrieve essential details from over 35,000 FDA-approved drug labels. With its cutting-edge capabilities, PrescriberAI rapidly answers physician questions from indications and usage, dosage and administration, pregnancy and lactation guidance, contraindications, warnings and precautions, adverse reactions, clinical studies, to instructions for use.

One of the key differentiators that sets PrescriberAI apart from other prescribing tools on the market is its extraordinary speed. Healthcare providers can now receive immediate answers to their questions, such as:

  1. "What is a medication used for?"
  2. "What are the indications for a particular medication?"
  3. "What is the recommended pediatric dosing for a medication?" and much more

PrescriberAI ensures accuracy and reliability by providing references directly from FDA-approved drug labels. Unlike other AI tools, PrescriberAI does not hallucinate, offering healthcare professionals a trustworthy resource to consult.

Furthermore, PrescriberAI offers an extensive array of prescribing resources, including prior authorization forms, patient assistance programs, and patient education materials. Physicians and their staff can now access a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate seamless prescription workflows and patient communication.

PrescriberAI's launch promises to usher in a new era of efficiency and accuracy in prescription management, reaffirming PrescriberPoint’s commitment to advancing patient outcomes through cutting-edge technology. Experience the future of prescribing with PrescriberAI today.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Raj Sharma

Chief Marketing Officer

(617) 444-9377

About PrescriberPoint

PrescriberPoint is a Series A ($15M) healthtech incubated by BCG Digital Ventures and funded by Lilly, Pfizer, Master Card and Adobe. It’s a resource designed for U.S. healthcare professionals (HCPs) to streamline the process of prescribing medication. The platform provides a wealth of information, including drug dosage, label details, drug interactions, coverage restrictions, prior authorization requirements, and patient affordability information for over 35,000 medications. The platform also offers tools for collaboration, both within practices and with pharmaceutical representatives, and is incorporating AI functionality into its offerings. For more, please visit



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