Crushing the Clock: How Prescribing Tasks are Stealing Time from HCPs

PrescriberPoint Team Date: 07/19/2023

This is how prescribers get burnt out

In the complex world of healthcare, where every minute counts, healthcare professionals time is being stolen. The burden of administrative tasks while starting patients on therapy has reached crisis level, impeding the prompt initiation of therapy and leaving physicians and their staff wrestling with a burdensome load. Recent statistics reveal that physicians and their staff spend nearly two business days solely on administrative work to get their patients on therapy. Additionally, an alarming 90% of physicians describe the burden of these administrative tasks as high. Patients also find themselves bearing the burden of administrative tasks. Around 94% of physicians report care delays due to processes like prior authorizations, and a staggering 80% indicate that it can at least sometimes result in treatment abandonment. These figures highlight a systemic problem that needs urgent attention. 

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The multifaceted problem of prescribing burden

The administrative burden associated with getting patients started on treatment is multifaceted, involving numerous steps that must be repeated for different drugs. The cumulative effect of these administrative tasks adds to the burden faced by healthcare professionals. 

Challenges for prescribers and their staff include:

  1. Checking prescribing information: Prescribers need to check prescribing details and conflicts, including dosage and administration information, drug interactions, step-therapy requirements, medication contraindications, and black box warnings. 
  2. Coverage investigation: Understanding coverage restrictions, formulary policies, and authorization requirements in the ever-changing health insurance coverage landscape demands meticulous attention to detail and in-depth knowledge.
  3. Prior authorization forms: Practice staff must handle complex requirements and potential delays or denials when submitting prior authorization requests. The process involves extensive paperwork, documentation, and follow-up, adding to the administrative burden.
  4. Providing financial assistance: Healthcare providers and their teams need to identify patient affordability programs, assess eligibility, and manage patient enrollment and renewal forms while initiating therapies.


Toll on healthcare professionals

The administrative burden of getting patients on therapy placed on healthcare professionals contributes to burnout and negatively impacts their job satisfaction and overall well-being. According to recent physician burnout statistics, the overall burnout rate stood at a staggering 53% meaning over one in two doctors report burnout. While there has been a slight decline in physician burnout rates since the peak in late 2021, the extent of the problem remains a startling reality that demands attention, particularly for those at the highest risk.

Job stress continues to plague physicians, with 56% reporting high levels of stress throughout 2022, even as the impact of the pandemic lessened. Furthermore, many physicians expressed an intent to leave their current organization within two years, with 40% indicating a moderate to definite likelihood of departure. These statistics paint a bleak picture of the toll that administrative burden takes on healthcare professionals, necessitating urgent action.



Addressing the administrative burden in healthcare is imperative to alleviate the strain on healthcare professionals and enhance patient care. Providing the right tools and resources to physicians and their staff is crucial in streamlining administrative processes related to starting patients on therapy and reducing the associated burden.

By alleviating this burden, we can foster job satisfaction, reduce burnout rates, and ultimately enhance the delivery of quality care to patients. It is high time we prioritize the well-being of our healthcare professionals by actively addressing the administrative burden they face.


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