5 Benefits of Prescribing Workflow Tools

PrescriberPoint Team Date: 08/04/2023

5 Benefits of Prescribing Workflow Tools

As we undergo a healthcare digital transformation, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are increasingly looking to digital tools to streamline their workflow and get back to patient centered care. Challenged by hard to find and spread out resources, digital healthcare solutions can impact many aspects of HCP workflows.

In this blog, we will explore five benefits of prescribing workflow tools that can reduce pain points and friction for healthcare providers when getting patients the medications they need.

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Here are the five benefits of digital prescribing workflow tools:

1. Reduced Administrative Burden

The administrative burden in healthcare is not recent and well-documented. About 90% of physicians describe the burden of administrative tasks as high and 1 in every 2 doctors report burnout. Administrative tasks are time-consuming and take away precious moments that HCPs could otherwise spend providing quality patient care. 

Prescribing workflow tools can help alleviate the administrative burden of initiating therapies by reducing the time and effort for tasks such as finding prescribing and coverage information, prior authorization forms, and patient assistance and education materials.


2. Access to Up-to-Date, FDA Approved Information

With over 20,000 products approved by the FDA for marketing, finding a trustworthy resource for prescription medication can be overwhelming for healthcare professionals. Ensuring this information is reliable and up-to-date is critical to patient safety and in preventing medication errors. 

Prescribing workflow tools act as a trustworthy resource, offering access to the latest, FDA-approved drug information, dosages, and administration guidelines. By relying on accurate data, HCPs can make informed decisions and prescribe medications with confidence.


3. One-Stop Shopping for Resources

Finding reliable information is difficult, but finding it all in one place is even harder. In the traditional healthcare setting, HCPs often find themselves navigating multiple websites to gather drug information, coverage details, and authorization requirements. This process is confusing and time-consuming. 

Prescribing workflow tools provide a one-stop shop for all these essential resources, ensuring consistency and simplifying the prescription process. With just a few clicks, healthcare providers can access centralized information on drugs, insurance coverages, and prior authorization requirements, eliminating the need for research spread across the internet.


4. Improved Patient Care and Education

The primary focus of any healthcare provider is to deliver high-quality patient care. However, physician burnout from administrative tasks can take away from patient centered care. 

Prescribing workflow tools play a vital role in improving patient care by allowing HCPs to spend more time with their patients and less time on paperwork and administrative tasks. 

By streamlining the prescription process, doctors can dedicate more attention to understanding their patients' unique medical needs, offering personalized treatment plans, and fostering stronger doctor-patient relationships.


5. Digital-First Information

In today's digital age, having instant access to information is crucial for efficient decision-making.

Prescribing workflow tools offer a digital-first approach, giving healthcare providers updated information on medications, drug interactions, and coverage details. This digital accessibility ensures that HCPs have the most current and accurate information at their fingertips, leading to better treatment outcomes and improved patient safety.



Prescribing workflow tools have become indispensable for healthcare providers, offering a range of benefits that positively impact patient care and overall practice efficiency. From reducing the administrative burden to providing digital-first, up-to-date information, these tools empower HCPs to make informed decisions and deliver superior care to their patients.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, embracing technological advancements like prescribing workflow tools will undoubtedly shape the future of medicine, making it more efficient, safer, and patient-centric than ever before.


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