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PrescriberPoint Team Date: 12/11/2023

Introducing Savings Finder - A tool for HCPs

In an era marked by medical advancements, a concerning truth remains — over one-third of Americans struggle to afford prescription medications. Pharmaceutical data reveals that over half of approved scripts are abandoned when out of pocket expenses are over $125. Additionally, recent data reveals that 36% of the patients in the US found paying for prescriptions either very difficult (5.4%) or somewhat difficult (30.5%) over the past year.

While Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) exist as a safety net for Americans who are struggling to afford their medications, they can be difficult to access and understand. A 2018 study suggested providers don’t always know which patients would be best for which PAPs because of a lack of clear information on eligibility and benefits. 

This financial strain not only jeopardizes patient care but poses a serious threat to public health. It's a pressing issue that demands a solution. To solve this challenge, we’re excited to launch Savings Finder—an efficient tool built to help HCPs skip the cumbersome research process and find patient assistance programs in seconds.

Empower Your Patients Today

Take charge with dosing, brand resources, prior authorization forms, and coverage restrictions at your fingertips.


More time saving, less time wasting

Our brand new Savings Finder tool is now available on PrescriberPoint at no cost, giving healthcare professionals access to financial assistance programs for their patients.


In the financial assistance section of each drug page, HCPs can now find program details all in one place. We provide information about cost, program length, and eligibility so HCPs easily digest relevant information instead of endlessly searching for what they need.

Savings Finder automates the manual work associated with affordability program research and initiation. With Savings Finder, all HCPs have to do is follow an intuitive 3-step process to find eligible programs for patients.

Finding the right financial assistance program for patients is simple.

  1. Select patient's insurance plan type
  2. Enter a few patient details
  3. Then, get eligibility and documents tailored to their needs


For HCPs - Get started with Savings Finder

Savings Finder is free for HCPs to use! With a PrescriberPoint account, you can start saving time and energy with Savings Finder today. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free to get started with Savings Finder now.


About PrescriberPoint

At PrescriberPoint, our primary objective is to alleviate the administrative load of starting therapies for patients on healthcare providers , enabling focus on providing top-quality care to patients. We achieve this goal by providing a centralized platform where prescribing and coverage information, prior authorization forms, patient assistance and education materials are readily accessible in one place, eliminating the need for time-consuming individual searches and providing healthcare providers with multiple options to submit forms.


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