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A simpler way to get patients on therapy

Reduce Hassles, Help Patients

Simplify prior authorizations, drug research & sample requests

How it works

Find the resources you need for thousands of therapies, all in one place: Prior authorizations, patient financial assistance, sample requests and drug research.

Prior authorizations & financial assistance support

We’ve all experienced the frustration of prescribing a medication only to find out the patient can’t afford it. You want to get them on the most effective therapy but the hurdles are high.

PrescriberPoint streamlines the prescribing process by helping you find the drug product and support resources you need across thousands of products through one portal. We’ll help you understand the kinds of support options that are available to your patient, navigate the process to getting them access and answer other questions you may have along the way. This helps you avoid hassles, like submitting the wrong paperwork or waiting for hours on the phone.

Sample request support

We’ve all experienced the frustration when a patient is in need of a therapy and wants to try a medication but you’re all out of samples. How do you get restocked? Wait until the right rep pays you a visit and then request more samples? Or do you rifle through business cards to figure out which pharma rep covers that drug? Then your office makes a call and plays telephone tag asking for more samples?

We can help you streamline all of the bureaucracy by knowing what to expect and where to go. Simply enter the name of the drug or biologic and we will help you understand your options for getting your request filled, which might include reaching out to the rep, calling the call center or tapping into the manufacturer’s online ordering system.

Manufacturer Sales Rep, MSL and Field Reimbursement Manager support

How many times have you had a basic product question? Or wanted to better understand the science behind a drug? Perhaps you’ve had questions about published evidence. Or maybe you wanted to see if there were available clinical trials that your patient could join.

PrescriberPoint helps you track down the appropriate pharmaceutical company contact to get your questions answered in the most efficient manner. Whether it’s a pharmaceutical rep, a medical science liaison or a  field reimbursement manager, we can help you find the right person to answer your question.

Label and prescribing information

With so many drugs on the market, it is very hard to keep track of every detail around dosage, side effects, contra-indications and mechanism of action.

We gather all of this FDA-approved prescribing information for thousands of drugs and biologics across pharmaceutical companies. Then we present it to you in an intuitive easy to use manner so that you can easily find the information that you’re looking for in two clicks.

Collaboration support with colleagues

We all know it takes a village to get patients on some therapies these days. Prescribers and their staff need to work together to move a patient through the complicated steps of payer approval, affordability support and therapy onboarding and training. Dealing with all the hand-offs and follow-ups to get through this process can be difficult to navigate. We help you manage these hand-offs through helpful sharing and practice collaboration features!

Simplify prior authorization, patient financial assistance, sample ordering and drug research. No charge for prescribers.